Buying Process

Initial Consultation and Estimate of Costs

Your Greenworth Homes journey begins with your initial consultation. You will meet with an experienced consultant who will talk about the different options you have between building and buying a completed Greenworth Home. You may view a selection of our available homes or choose from a variety of our floor plans. You will then begin to discuss the estimated costs between buying and building.

Purchase Agreement & Design Session

When you have found your dream home you will then get to review your purchase agreement. After you have signed your agreement you will meet with our Design Consultant to select through features, upgrades, and color choices. We have a variety of features and upgrades to choose from to truly customize your dream home.

Building Process

If you have decided to build the home of your dreams this is the exciting part. You can watch your home "come to life" as it is being built. This is the part where you can log in to your Homeowner Hub here on our website to view pictures as they are updated throughout the building process.

New Home Orientation

Get familiar with your home and all its features during the final walk through inspection of your home.


This is your final most important step in your home buying or building process. This is where you will sign all of the important documents for owning your home. After you have finished signing everything you need to sign you are on your way to a new home. Congratulations! You are officially a homeowner!

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